Unique pieces from the Masterpiece series represent the highest form of jewelry art.
In French this is also called ‘Haute Joalerie’, which is comparable to the concept of ‘Haute Couture’ in the clothing industry.

In the jewelry world, it means creating unique pieces of jewelry.
Dominic Täuber, owner of DomCaillou® – Classic Jewelry, is inspired by the gemstones themselves. The gemstone is always at the centre of his vision.

He first puts this idea down on paper together with a draughtsman and the drawing is processed digitally. Next, the work of the goldsmith begins. In fine forging art, the gold is worked so that aspects such as comfort to wear are considered in addition to the implementation of the idea. The gemsetter then sets the precious stones with a masterly hand. Lastly, the jewelry is checked and then approved.

Turmalin Gold Ring mit Edelstein Turmalin aus 750er Gold Gold ring with gemstone Tourmaline made of 18 carat Gold